Professional Cat & Dog Grooming Services in North Greenville, NC

cat and dog grooming in north greenville, nc
pet grooming in greenville, nc

Pet grooming is so much more than an aesthetic service. It greatly improves your pet’s overall health and well-being, especially if they’ve been dealing with tangled hair for awhile! Cat and dog grooming helps prevent skin problems, allows for early detection of growths, parasites, and infections, and removes dirt, oils, and dead skin cells.

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Professional Grooming for Dogs & Cats in North Greenville, NC

Professional grooming takes the basic bath, brush, and blowout a step further. As professionals, we’re able to give your pet breed-specific haircuts or custom cuts tailored to your preferences. Plus, we know how to handle pets with low-stress care that makes every pet, whether new to grooming or an old pro, feel comfortable and safe.

Our pet grooming services include:

  • Bath, brush, and blowout
  • Nail trims
  • Ear cleaning
  • Breed-specific cuts
  • Bandanas and bows
  • Anal gland expression
  • Cat grooming

Why is Pet Grooming So Important?

Grooming is important for every pet—whether they're a short-haired Boxer or a fluffy Husky. It helps to improve their skin and coat health.

Some benefits of grooming include:

  • Removal of dead skin, dirt, oils, and allergens that could cause irritation
  • Making pets more comfortable with being handled, whether at home or the vet’s office
  • Giving your pet the opportunity to be examined by professionals for any skin issues such as fleas, mites, allergies, infections, or lumps and bumps
  • Reducing shedding
  • Reducing matting, which can be painful and disrupt blood circulation
  • Helping pets stay cooler in the summer with a shorter coat
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